L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas to Make Your Space Work More Effectively

L-shaped kitchen is traditional but leaves more space for your storage and decoration. Your kitchen must be a place where you love to spend time besides cooking. So, an intelligent decoration with the right placement of all kitchen ingredients is essential. The space arrangement of your kitchen should be such that it encourages flexibility and free movement, beautifully using the available space.

Along with styles, your kitchen also looks for practicality; otherwise, it will spoil all your hard work to give your kitchen a perfect finish. This is why homeowners most love L-shaped Kitchens as they can save space and make their kitchen more useful. The content will introduce some of the best kitchen decoration ideas that add additional space to your kitchen where you can plan something useful to place there.

Include a kitchen island:

When you are re-thinking to give your L-shaped kitchen a new look or an upgrade, nothing would be much more appropriate than a Kitchen Island for your kitchen makeover. It fosters an array of activities, offering you space for your food preparation. The kitchen island’s utility is huge, which is why people love to add it to their kitchen.

The use of such kitchen furnishing items was dated back to the colonial time of America. It was then used as a worktable for preparing meals. It was gone through so many innovative changes since then.

When the kitchen island was introduced in the 20th century, people considered it stylish furniture for the kitchen. The innovation in the styles continues, and today, we have a huge collection of kitchen islands decorated splendidly in different styles and looks.

Choosing the right option for your L-shaped kitchen is really necessary. You will get customized options also, which helps you use the space most. Here are some additional plans that you can apply for placing your kitchen island.

The position:

Place your kitchen island in a way that encourages free movement all around its sides. Keep the furniture close or center to the key activity zones in your kitchen, such as your stove, fridge, and sink.

Food preparation:

Choose the height of your kitchen islands that let you feel comfortable while kneading dough or doing other works that need you to put downward force.

Kitchen islands come up with cabinets and counters, solving your storage issues while adding beauty to your L-shaped kitchen. These days, you will get an array of options that also allow you to dine along with food preparation.

Break up the layouts:

This design detail will allow you to find the hidden space and turn it into useful places in your kitchen. It depends on how big the kitchen room you have and what purposes you want to use the space other than cooking. Some families use the kitchen space for socializing and dining. Some even choose an odd idea of working there. No matter what your purpose is, find the best layout that helps you use the space accurately.

L-shaped kitchen has two adjoining portions, and one is dedicated for minor kitchen tasks, consisting of a sink, appliances, and countertops. The other end of your kitchen is for time-intensive works, and the space is for your refrigerator and additional storage options. Break up the kitchen layout that will allow you to cook freely, enjoying free movements in your kitchen area.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets to Reflect Colour Trends:

Your kitchen is not just the place for cooking but also the place that entrains you and your guests. You cannot compromise on the color trends of cabinets that add aesthetic beauty to your decoration.

Interior designers opt for two complementary colors for detailing cabinets and islands. For surfaces, you can use one of the two colors. To add an unexpected note to your color design, you can use the third color for decorating the spaces for upholstery and accessories.

Wooden cabinets are great for experimenting with color trends. Many people love the dark and energetic colors for painting their kitchen.

Balance your storage:

You can balance your kitchen storage, thinking about your way of using the space. Cupboards and other internal storage options can help you use the space most. However, you cannot ignore the facts that a wider space makes you feel more relaxed than confining your kitchen with storage cupboards and cabinets. You can paint the higher cabinets with the color same as walls, which adds a visual illusion giving your kitchen a wider look. For lower cabinets, you can use lighter and brighter shades.


Your L-shaped kitchen offers you a versatile style to decorate beautifully. Identify key areas of your kitchen and find the additional space to make it look more beautiful. Depending on your lifestyle and the use and occupancy of the space, you must apply effective ideas for designing your kitchen.

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