Modern Indian Kitchen Storage Ideas: DRAWERS VS CABINETS

modern-indian-kitchen-storage-ideas-drawers vs cabinets

All of us have one problem when it comes to Indian kitchens, and that is storage space. There are so many things that have to be accommodated in the kitchen that no number of cabinets or drawers seem to be enough.

So, what do you think when it comes to having drawers and cabinets in the modern Indian kitchen. Do you think more number of drawers is needed? Or should you opt for more number of cabinets? Or do you think you need an equal number of drawers and cabinets? 

Undoubtedly, drawers and cabinets are a must for every kitchen. But at the same time, every modern Indian kitchen must have a magic corner.

So, what exactly is this magic corner, and is it really necessary?

  • A magic corner is a kitchen storage system that comes with a slide-out function, and this system is constructed very cleverly. So, now even if you have kept something in the blind corner of the kitchen counter even then, you can access it with ease.
  • The magic corner unit has 2 baskets in the front and 2 baskets at the back; that is, in total, it has 4 baskets. These baskets or tiers are kept in a frame, and a sliding system is attached to the door and the sides of the cabinet.
  • Now the front trays are connected to the cabinet door. There is a movable framework on the sidewall, and this movable framework holds these front baskets. There is a sliding structure on the rear wall of the magic corner, and the back baskets are held in place on this sliding structure.
  • Now the real magic is in this sliding mechanism of the magic corner, and it works in such a way that when you open the cabinet door completely, all the four baskets will slide and will come in front of you.

Wondering if this magic corner is really important for your kitchen?

We are sure you want to make optimum use of the corner area of the cabinets that are there below your kitchen counter. You surely want to easily access the items you have kept in the blind corners of the cabinet. You definitely want a modern kitchen where you can store more stuff and access it with ease. If you want all this from your modern Indian kitchen, you just cannot do without a magic corner in your kitchen. 

Planning to buy a magic corner for your kitchen? Then keep these aspects in mind!

  • Before you finalize the magic corner model, make sure that you check the cabinet specifications requirements. Remember, for the magic corner, and the cabinet size has to be as per the specifications.
  • The materials that are used in making the magic corner have to be of superior quality.
  • As for the mechanism of the magic, corner makes sure you choose a device that comes with a soft stop function as it will avoid the slamming of the door.
  • Check the different styles of the magic corner basket and also check the pricing of the magic corner unit. Choose the magic corner unit that has superior quality and is well within your budget.

Check out the contemporary magic corner units that are a must for your kitchen:

A magic corner unit is a must for every kitchen as it helps you check the things you have kept in the blind corners of the cabinet. These days the magic corner units come with a soft stop function so that the cabinet doors do not slam when you open or close the doors.

These days some improvement has been made to the magic corner units, and these units come with 2 role out shelves, and they provide complete access to the cabinet.

The awesome benefits of a magic corner unit:

When you want to make excellent and optimum use of your kitchen’s limited space, you must have a magic corner unit in the kitchen. The unit is very smooth and also very easy to use, and it provides complete access to all that you have stored in the cabinets. If you are keen to increase the kitchen’s storage space, you just cannot do without a magic corner unit.


As you can see, that magic corner unit is a revolution in the modern Indian kitchen. These smooth units help to make good use of the limited space in the modern Indian kitchen. These units make your kitchen look trendy, and you can also access the different things in the storage area with ease.

So, if you are interested in having these magic corner units in your kitchen, then get in touch with the best magic corner unit manufacturer and vendor at the earliest.

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