Most Common Mistakes in Kitchen Design and Way to improve them


The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is the place where food is cooked with love and positivity, so it has to be perfect. Many people give all their time and effort to make their living room more lively and ignore their kitchen in this process. A few others pick the latest modular kitchen designs to make the kitchen look beautiful but don’t give much attention to a
compatible design.

The kitchen of any house should be comfortable to access everything here and to cook the food. Homeowners are usually not satisfied with their kitchen even after a home renovation. The professionals hear a lot about the mistakes people get done in their kitchen, and surprisingly most of the time, they are common.

When you already know about the most common kitchen issues, you can have some precautionary steps. When you plan to have one of the latest modular kitchen designs for your kitchen, you must check a few points. Here we look at the most common sins to the kitchen and know how to overcome them.

Common Mistakes in Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the busiest part of your house. This place of your house gets in use more often than any other room so it has to be perfect. A small mistake here can quickly be found, and all your efforts for the home renovation can vanish. Before starting the kitchen and home, the
renovation has a look at the most common issues people face in the kitchen. When you know the failing points, then you will not let them repeat at your place. So here we go with the mistakes that need to be avoided while kitchen renovation;

Lack of Storage Space

The kitchen is the place where you are to keep all the items that you need for cooking. These items are pluses and different kinds of oil. So they cannot be stored in the same kind and size of jars. Most people give the same size of storage space. It works well for the jars but proves waste for the liquid oil container. So either get a separate space to store long containers or get a
specific place to keep the oils. The other thing that needs a place in the kitchen is the garbage bin. It has to be in the kitchen in the kitchen so no one could feel its presence yet get its benefit.

The Trio Set-up

It is a must to have the following three things; Stove, Sink, and Refrigerator. All three of them should be placed in your kitchen in a flow. The stove should be at the center, and both sides’ space must be left for the refrigerator and sink. All three should be placed in a triangle shape,
and both sink and fridge should be at an equal space from the center or stove.

Easy to Clean

Do not go for a complex design. Besides looking good, your kitchen should be cleaned. A complex design with many almirahs can make your kitchen look goofy, and it will become difficult to keep it cleaned.

Proper Lighting

The kitchen must have proper lights. It is difficult to cook food in dim light, and low light is not even good to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. When you renovate the kitchen, keep an eye on the latest modular kitchen designs, home renovation the need for light as well. Offering more light to your kitchen will make your kitchen look bigger, cleaner, and beautiful. One spotlight along with lights on both walls are in trend, and you must follow it.

Use of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is easy to clean, and it gives a classy look to the kitchen. So most of the house owners prefer this material when they renovate the kitchen. But too much use of stainless steel can spoil your modern kitchen and make it look less aesthetic. If you prefer stainless steel over any other material considering its durability and easy to clean, then get it to paint in contrast colors based on your kitchen wall. It will not only enhance the beauty of the kitchen but also stay new for many years. Avoid the overuse of stainless steel to make your kitchen a spacious place.

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