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Cutlery needs a proper storage space. Getting your forks and knives misplaced can leave chances of unexpected situations and accidents. The child might hurt themselves while playing with them. We understand that cutlery is no child's play. It requires a proper storage space so that the one using the kitchen can have them handy and for the kids, these are out of their reach. Thus, we have prepared pull outs for small kitchen areas. They have different sections to store different types of cutlery. At, Pramukh Modular Kitchens, we feel proud to be manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen storage spaces. We provide not just provide Kitchen Cutlery Basket Trays in Ahmedabad but also magic corners and tall units. We can vouchsafe for the quality of products we provide. We also make sure to provide styles that are in fashion. For a detailed information about download our brochure or call us directly at (+91) 9909982988 or (079) 40324989 for a free consultation!


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