10 Unique and Fresh Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Island Modular Kitchens

What is the most important part of the home to a woman of the family? Yes, it’s the Kitchen. You would always want your kitchen to look good and more stylish. Also, know that cabinets in the kitchen play a major role to make it look good. You must have to choose the best materials for your kitchen and those cabinets. There are different types and sizes of the kitchen depending upon the area of your house. Some kitchens are small while some kitchen areas are big on which we can do a lot of experiments with the cabinets.

If you have a small kitchen and you want to be unique and creative with the design then this is the correct space you have come across. Below are 10 Unique and Fresh Small Kitchen design ideas you will definitely like.

Island Kitchen

Island Kitchen

Island type kitchens are the most ideal and unique type of kitchen that you can make. Island kitchens always have a unit for free-standing. The storage area increases due to the free-standing technique. Modular kitchens are every home’s requirement. Make these as per your requirement so anyone who enters your Island Paradise can delight into the beauty of it.


If you want to make your kitchen very fancy, then you must opt for a nautical kitchen. It is a design for a kitchen near the seashore. If you want to customise your kitchen big or small with a nautical style, then you must really try it. It looks beautiful in and out. It is best for children. Children enjoy the most being in a nautical kitchen. The design and style are unique and amazing.

Faded- Elegant

Your entire one wall kitchen can be transformed beautifully into a faded elegant textured kitchen. Did you have any idea about it? Your kitchen would look a little shabby but that’s the beauty of it.


Do you keep on feeling that your kitchen looks weird sometimes and you constantly keep on moving things from its place? Then there is a Replacement therapy for you. Replace things carefully from its place and then look at the replacement whether it looks good enough.

Big Style

Big Style

Small kitchen? No worries! Did you know that you can remodel your kitchen at any given point of time? Because small kitchens are meant to be modelled again and again. You can experiment what you want with the kitchen, so you have Small on space, big on style type of a kitchen. Do not hesitate about doing the counters wide because it will only increase the storage of your kitchen.

Cottage Style Kitchen

Here’s another great way to style your kitchen. Keep it cottage styled. It looks spacious and can be used for remodelling the small old kitchen. The cottage styled kitchen gives exotic feels and it is fun to cook and even have meals in the kitchen. You can make it L-shaped so that you don’t fight for space.

Box Kitchen

No matter how small the kitchen is; it always looks good when it is box-shaped. The counter can be U-shaped and you can enjoy cooking inside the box. It looks amazing from the outside and it is fun on the inside of it too. Children often like these kinds of kitchens.

Classic U-Shaped

U Shape Modular Kitchen

The classic U-shaped kitchen is what we see normally when we visit someone’s home. The classic U-shaped kitchen has a lot of benefits of which one being ‘Remodelling’. If you cannot afford to make your kitchen bigger, you can always remodel it.

Classic L-Shaped

L - Shape Modular Kitchen

The classic L-shaped kitchen being the most comfortable one is the easiest to remodel too. If you do not like the appearance of it and you want to make it look bigger, then you can always use the replacement therapy.

Bold and Brassy

The Bold and brassy kitchen is using as many dark colours you can for the kitchen to make it look beautiful. You can try it in a smaller kitchen because the bright colours will show up quickly in a small space. You can also place antiques matching the colour of the walls of your kitchen which will make the kitchen look bold and brassy.

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Why you Choose Pramukh Modular Kitchens?

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