20 Tips for Creating the Perfect Kitchen

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We believe kitchens are the heart of the house. So, why not jazz up the look and feel of your kitchen with these 20 tips-

Coloured Cabinets:

Go overboard with bold colours and add personality to your kitchen. Choose a combination of contrasting colours for your upper and lower cabinets.

Accessorize With Appliances:

Ever thought about using kitchen appliances as accessories to decorate it? NO? Well, think about it now.

Lighten It Up:

Natural light makes a constricted space appear bigger. Put up shelves and cupboards around the window area and transform your kitchen.

Lighting It Up

Colour Block:

Colour blocking your kitchen with contrasting colours or grainy wood textures for instant visual appeal.

Store More:

Revamp your kitchen by creating more storage space by adding drawers, shelves and cupboards near the cooking area.

Shun the Trends:

Convenience is the key for designing a kitchen. Do not allow trends to mess with your head and disrupt the balance of a well-designed kitchen. Go retro sometimes!

Contrast Materials:

In order to soften the vibe of a dark cabinet, use contrasting materials for added funk like a white marble table top.

Pile on Tiles:

Reflective backsplashes may look more appealing but they make your kitchen messier than it really is. Choose cool tiles instead of reflective backsplash, as they are both easy to clean and affordable.

Counter the Space:

If you cook frequently and enjoy baking then you would love the idea of enlarging your cooking space. Incorporate two countertops between the range and sink and the extra space.

Store Sharp:

Store Sharp

Nail a magnetic strip on the backsplash and hang your knives on it. It will not only look unique but also keep them away from the reach of children.

Go Monochrome:

Black and white may not be the most obvious choice but it is sure the boldest one. Spice it up with some dash of colours with added wall paintings or flower vases.

Rustic Charm:

If you have a contemporary kitchen then add a few metal barstools in industrial style to add a rustic vibe to the space.

Clear Traffic:

Children have the ability to turn the house into a playground and can run from dusk till dawn throughout the house. Keep the cooktop away from the traffic areas to avoid spills and knocking over of utensils, when they run round to catch the pirates or the giant.

Put on Display:

Display your decorative glassware and plates in an artistic way and soften the look and feel of your kitchen.

Colourful Cans:

Trash cans are a must in the kitchen but they don’t really have to be dull looking. Get colourful trash cans for your kitchen or choose them in a colour that goes well with the décor.

Focal Point:

Pick a focal point in the kitchen and find a perfect piece of decorative item that will add detail to the area. You can always go for a unique light bulb for a chic look.

Clutter Free:

Instead of storing small kitchen supplies on the counter, put them on a cake stand for a clean and clutter free look.

Kitchen Garden:

Kitchen Garden

You can have your own little garden by your kitchen window. Place a few potted plants on the window sill and use kitchen waste as organic manure and used water for your beautiful flowering plants.

Roll the Rug:

Find a quirky rug in popping design for your kitchen and transform the vibe in just one try.

Less Is More:

Keep the decoration simple yet eye catching. You can add just one statement piece and it will be good to go. Remember less is more.

That’s what we call ending with perfection.

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