5 Different Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Spacious

make kitchen spacious

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house because all activities
related to food storage, processing, and eating are carried out over there.
More and more homeowners are opting for an open kitchen nowadays due to
space restrictions and changes of look. Apart from hygiene, you have to avoid
making it cluttered as a clean, decluttered kitchen looks more spacious.

The Indian Kitchen Design has also undergone a lot of changes due to the
current concept of apartments, particularly in metro cities, and owners
incorporate different ideas to have a unique kitchen interior. Below are
certain tips to make your kitchen look bigger:

Open windows

Windows are an essential part of the kitchen as it allows ventilation. If it is
possible, you may ask your interior designer to install floor-length glass
windows with sliding panels. You may choose from a range of shades of glass
and window frames of different designs and colors. White or light pastels with
transparent or translucent white glass would be a good option, making the
kitchen look much bigger.

There are other advantages of an open window also. When you keep the
windows open, it will let in a lot of natural light and fresh air. Overall, it would
give a bright and spacious look to your kitchen.

Remove the clutter

For a small kitchen, you have to keep it clutter-free as much as possible to add
an illusion of space. Small kitchen space is already an inconvenience, and if it
is littered with several things, it would seem smaller. Try to keep the
countertops clean and organize the essentials like chopping boards, knives,
cutlery, crockery, etc., in separate spaces, cupboards.

Try to remove things from the floor as much as possible and keep it free to
walk around comfortably. You will see that apart from looking spacious, you
would also enjoy working in a clutter-free kitchen.
You can keep the cling foil, aluminum foils, or paper napkins separately in
dispensers that would be within reach but not occupy spaces on the
countertop or other areas.

Diode lights

Nowadays, one noticeable change in the Indian kitchen design is that people
are switching over from large-size bulbs to diode lights. Also known as LED
lights, they are cheaper than regular bulbs. These lights look good, last longer
and brighter than the bulbs and tube lights of older days. The bright and white
lights also make the kitchen space look bigger.

Glassdoor cupboards

Glassdoor cupboards have a uniqueness in them in that they reflect light and
seem to add more space. Although wooden cupboards used to be the
a conventional choice, interior designers are experimenting with glass
cupboards or a combination of glass and wood nowadays to give a new look to
the kitchen interiors.

It may be a bit expensive to install them compared to wooden or other metals,
but the glass cupboards would look much nicer in your kitchen.

Shelf uppers

Installing upper shelves in the kitchen will save space. Instead of adding
horizontal shelves or cupboards on the floor, construct them on the wall.
This would add to the aesthetics of the kitchen and make it appear spacious
even if it is small in size. You can add several shelves depending on your

Open shelves and hooks

Creating open shelves for your jars or crockeries and hooks to hang the mugs
or spatulas would keep your countertops clean, would not take up extra space,
and a small kitchen would not look too cluttered.

Choose reflective surfaces

Choose reflective surfaces for the kitchen furniture instead of the matte finish.
It can be vinyl or glossy material instead of a matte finish. This would reflect
the light from both natural and interior artificial ones and create an
impression of space.

Slimmer cabinets

Slimmer cabinets will provide ample storage but not occupy extra space
inside the kitchen. Also, slim cabinets that are fitted on the walls look sleek
and trendy. Nowadays, you would get several attractive designs instead of the
traditional heavy ones resting on stands and kept on the floor.

Opt for clean lines and straight edges

Straight edges and clean lines with well-defined angles would accentuate the
impression of a spacious kitchen even though the area is limited.
The above tips would give you an idea of optimum space utilization in a
modern kitchen of the apartments of metro cities. Since the area is limited,
you can modify the setup and experiment with shades and lighting
arrangements in order to create an illusion of space.

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