7 Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas that are Serious Game Changers

No one has ever said that they have enough kitchen storage space. If you are someone who feels they are lacking on the storage space, it’s time to put those little nooks and corners of your kitchen to good use. The latest modular kitchen designs include the below-mentioned smart space-saving solutions making your kitchen the most strategic and stylish of all. 

Whether you are hoping to build an entirely new kitchen or revamping your old cooking space, consider the following options. 

Hang a Pegboard: Put a pegboard to good use by using it as a storage unit for your kitchen. Your walls can actually hold way more than you realize. Get a pegboard, paint it to the color of your choice to match the aesthetic of the kitchen, and start hanging your pots, pans, or even canisters that can hold smaller utensils. It’s a very flexible storage option which is why it is included in the latest modular kitchen designs and modifications can be made overtime as your needs change. 

Reach the Top of your Cabinets: The tops of the kitchen cabinets remain the most ignored places which actually can be used for storage. You could store lesser-used gadgets, extra pantry supplies, or your stash of special serving platters that you won’t need on a regular basis. Put them all away in pretty wicker baskets if you worried about how it will look. 

Increase Shelf Space: Most Indian kitchen designs these days are all about increasing the available shelf space smartly. Wire shelf risers can help multiply the vertical storage space giving you more room to put away all your dishware in one cabinet. 

Add Drawers to Deep Cabinets: The deep cabinets are great for storing things but more often than not, things stored at the back remain forgotten. An easy way to change this is to add large plastic bins that can store your kitchen placemats, table runners or napkins. You can simply pull the bins without having to dig for stuff in the back. 

Store Pans Sideways: Regardless of how neatly you stack those pans, they always end up taking up more space. A smart way to get rid of the clutter is to stack the pans sideways in racks. You could also store your cuttings boards, lids or baking trays that way for optimum utilization of available space. 

Bring in a Magnetic Knife Rack: When the countertop space isn’t as much as you would like it to be, every square inch counts. Hang a magnetic knife rack and put all your expensive knives for display. Not only is this efficient usage of the space but also looks great on your backsplash. You could further even hang up a magnetic spice rack or your cutlery.

The side of the Cabinets: If you aren’t someone who’s too keen on drilling holes in the walls, you could use the sides of the cabinets that aren’t facing any wall as storage space. Add hooks to hang up pots and pans or add shelves. Even the undersides of the wall cabinets can be used to hold small tools and mugs by adding hooks. 

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