How to Get Your Dream Kitchen with Perfect Modular Kitchen designs

There was a time when kitchens were meant only for preparing food. As time passed, people started considering cooking, not just an activity but art or experimentation with edible materials. Whenever people appreciate a good meal, they always become curious about the place where that miracle happened. This idea has changed the people’s mindset from having a simple kitchen to a modular kitchen consisting of all innovative equipment for cooking. Modular kitchens are the new black in the market. 

People are ready to spend a lot of money, just for the sake of getting the best-designed kitchen. Nowadays, owning a well-designed kitchen is a matter of pride and an indirect way of telling people about how evolutionary you are. Well, there is an old saying that the type of food you cook depends on the kind of kitchen you hold. The best things about the modular kitchens are their easy installation, spacious designs, and user-friendly features. Well, if you want to enjoy the real experience of cooking, then, be ready to give away some of your hard-earned money from your pocket and choose the best suitable design for your dream kitchen.

Popular types of modular kitchen designs prevailing in the market:

1. Parallel layout: If you are a space lover, then this design is meant only for you. This type of modular kitchen layout will give you two parallel counters: one for cooking and one for cleaning. The arrangement will provide you with enough shelves and cabinets for your ease while cooking. You can store as much as you can in this type of kitchen layout.

2. U-shaped layout: In this type of layout, you will get a cooking counter in the center with an attached sink area and some storage cabinets. The rest of the spacing cabinets or cupboards are installed on the opposite walls with the refrigerator and oven. This modular kitchen design is one of the best modular kitchen layouts as per the Golden Triangle rule, which describes the proper arrangement between the counter, the sink, and the refrigerator for a comfortable cooking experience. 

3. L-shaped layout: This is another layout as per the Golden Triangle rule. If you have a small house or a small kitchen, then go for this layout. It will provide you with enough space for your small dining area. In this modular kitchen layout, you will get two L-shaped counters, one for cooking and another for cleaning with little space at the end for the refrigerator. This arrangement is entirely flexible, spacious, and comfortable to handle.

4. Island shaped layout: Well, if you have ever noticed that big celebrities do have huge and fancy kitchens where the cooking counter is usually in the middle and sink is either attached with the cooking counter or with the main counter. That is an Island shaped modular kitchen design. It will provide you with abundant space for moving while cooking and for storage. You will also get an additional breakfast area with this arrangement. This layout is the most revolutionary, exciting, and beautiful type hence highly demanded one. 


Don’t forget to invest in a good quality chimney for better ventilation while cooking. Cooking is an exhausting process, especially during summers. So, always look for good brand-named chimneys and vents with low power consumption and high efficiency. Besides that, always look for better quality storage material that does not get easily corroded or tarnished by moisture, oils, and other agents in the kitchen. 

Choose different sizes of cupboards for different types of storage. Always invest in a well-skilled designer who can make you a perfect design for your kitchen, keeping in mind your kitchen space and budget. Always prefer referring to a catalog or any previous work of that designer and look for the reviews before starting the renovation process. Though it’s a bit expensive, once you have it, you will love it.

Why you Choose Pramukh Modular Kitchens?

Why you Choose Pramukh Modular Kitchens?

Pramukh modular kitchen is leading Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Ahmedabad with many years of experience in designing and implementing kitchen fixtures. With our latest modular kitchen designs, many lives have been sorted out. We give a proper inspection to your kitchen and come out with the best design that can change the entire look of your kitchen. Request FREE Consultation.

Pramukh modular kitchens

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