Is Modular Kitchen Really Important?

Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are designed to make optimum utilization of the space available. The shelves take up less space yet have the capacity to hold all essentials. They really boost the aesthetics of the kitchen. Another reason why modular kitchens are a favorite is that they can be easily assembled. This is a great advantage when you plan to move houses. Moreover, if you plan to renovate just a portion of your kitchen, you can do so effortlessly.

Let’s see in detail what modular kitchens, parallel modular kitchens, and small modular kitchen designs are all about.

  1. Modular Kitchen Designs

A modular kitchen is made up of pre-manufactured cabinet parts. These cabinets are put together to create a design that is well suited for the given space. There is a difference between modular and custom made kitchen. Custom kitchens are made or constructed onsite i.e. at your home whereas, in the case of modular kitchens, the cabinets are pre-built and purchased ready-made in sections.

There are various types of modular kitchens that you can design based on the square foot area. A few of them being-

  • Straight – This type is best suited for kitchens that have minimum space and comprises shelf cabinets, rolling units, etc.

Straight modular kitchen design

  • Parallel – Parallel modular kitchen design separates the storage area from the cooking space. This is also known as corridor style and consists of workspace on one wall, with a free-standing workspace running parallel to it. The appliances, sinks , and cabinets are located on two parallel walls creating a small spacious kitchen. The mantra lies in installing tall kitchen cabinets that extend to the ceiling.
Parallel modular kitchen design
  • L-Shaped – If you have an open layout, then this is the design that you can go for.
L-Shaped modular kitchen design
  • U-Shaped – If you have a separate area for the kitchen in your home, then you can fit in a lot of cabinet space with this style.
U-Shaped modular kitchen design
  • Island – If you want to combine the dining and kitchen area, then this style is recommended.
Island modular kitchen
  • Small Modular Kitchen Design
Small modular kitchen Design

Small kitchens need innovative and smart ideas. Here are a few concepts that can be used while designing small modular kitchens:

  • Use small cabinets that can go up on bare walls or over the windows.
  • Open shelves can be used to showcase your best ware. These are inexpensive too.
  • Large pots and pans which require vast cupboards can be stored in pot racks. These racks can be installed probably over the stove, window or wherever convenient.
  • Use light color cabinets to make the kitchen look larger.
  • On the flip side, if you have ample lighting in your kitchen then you can go for black colored cabinets. It doesn’t show if you have dirt on them. Ensure that you teem it with light-colored walls.
  • Vintage plate racks are a huge rage these days.
  • Switch to electric cooktop that can be used as a countertop. It increases space.
  • Glass doors give the illusion of the kitchen extending into another room like the dining room or balcony.

Designing a kitchen is a humongous task as this is where you spend a large amount of your time. Plan wisely using the tips above and fall in love with your kitchen.

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