Know Some Easy Ways to Upgrade a Kitchen Cabinet

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Do you want to know how to make old kitchen cabinets look new? We will help you out to give it a fresh look with some really interesting ideas that will add both style and functionality to your kitchen. Moreover, they will cost you a lot less than getting the whole kitchen renovated.

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Get Rid Of the Doors
Let the light play in your kitchen area with some lightweight open shelves. Remove the cabinets that make your area look a small one. The open shelf concept makes the kitchen space look a free and spacious one even if there isn’t enough space. You can have shelves over your cutting area for bowls, dishwasher for glasses, and use a longer cabinet over the cooktop area. This will reduce your space requirement for storing your dinnerware and other utensils.
Paint Them
Now you need to determine the current condition of your kitchen. If it is in a good condition then what you can do to bring life is simply color it using a bright color of your choice. You may also choose to paint your cabinets matching them with the color of your walls. This idea makes make kitchen cabinets look expensive.
Set Up Roll-Out Shelving
We know that you get to see built-in features in modular kitchens. Even if you are on a low budget makeover you can make use of the same advantages. Roll out shelving is the way you can add functionality to your kitchen. You can install them yourself by using your drill or a screwdriver.
Insert Lid Storages
You need a proper place to store your pot lids. Insert lid storages on the doors of your cabinets. This will save your pot storage spaces and also add functionality to the cabinet doors.
Include Crown Molding
If the existing cabinets are still in good shape the best way to make them an eye candy is by adding crown molding. This will add heights to your cabinets and also enhance the visual factor.
Add an Interesting Touch to Boring Hardware
Another way to instill old kitchen cabinets makeover is by making the boring old sturdy piece of hardware look interesting by getting their knob exchanged for a handcrafted glass or metal piece. You may find several knobs made in clear glass, violet, amber, green and black. These are the quickest fixes for your kitchen cabinets.
Add Glass Door Inserts
Refacing your cabinets can cost 20% less than replacing them. Moreover, for replacing them you need not have to hire someone else. You can do the task yourself whenever you are free and don’t have kitchen work.
Mount Under-Cabinet Shelving
No matter where your shelves are placed doesn’t forget the space under the shelves. It is a place that you can utilize to store the dessert plates, mugs, baking sheets and other kitchen items. There are certain online stores that can offer you the same vinyl coated wires. These would not take up any extra space but will definitely add an extra one to your cooking area.
We hope the above ideas will help you a lot in upgrading your basic kitchen cabinet. Don’t forget to let us know which ideas you used and how was your kitchen cabinet makeover before and after look like.
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