10 Cost-Effective Ways of Kitchen Remodeling

10 Cost-Effective Ways of Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can be a very big task for any household. From choosing the perfect designs for estimating the average cost of a small kitchen remodel, to knowing the right price are all a part of the madness that goes into the remodeling of a kitchen.

Kitchen Remodeling
When investing on a very crucial part of your home that is, the kitchen, getting the best results out of it as well as helping it add value and beauty to your home is something that everybody likes to gain. But yet, some strict budget restrictions can sometimes be a hindrance in getting your dream kitchen. To help save your time and money in
a kitchen remodel cost estimators and other such things, we have listed out 10 cost-saving ways to remodel your kitchen:

1.) Remodeling in Stages
or parts can help you save a lot more money. If you have a low budget, then spread out the cost of remodeling by keeping fewer changes to be done for later. For example, you can install your counter tops and cabinets first and keep the installation of the backsplashes even for later. This saves you both the time and the money.
2.) Making Lesser Changes by keeping the new hardware installed in such a manner that the placement of holes in the drawers and cabinet doors do not require any further replacement. In this way, you get to save thousands of more money that could have gone if you considered replacing the hardware set into a completely different pattern.
3.) A lot of money goes into the installation of brand new custom cabinets. Therefore, refrain from using customized, exotic designed wood or other texture cabinets with a lot of finer details and go for semi-custom cabinets instead. It is much more affordable and cost half the price of fully custom cabinets and will help you save more money and at the same time provide you the style and material that you desire to make your kitchen look good.
4.) Open-shelving is a cost-effective way to create a marvelous look for the kitchen as well as creating a more spacious place for the kitchen. They are functional; they add a different aesthetic sense and do away with the unnecessary cost of cabinets.
5.) Substitute for kitchen islands can also lead up to saving at least a few lump sums amounts and give your kitchen a unique touch. Adding a wood finished table or a classy dresser can build up more space in the kitchen instead of a kitchen island and also, utilize other material.
6.) Keeping the electronic kitchen appliances in the same place can help in cutting down the extra costs of wiring, reinstalling the appliances, cutting and reshaping of walls, etc.
7.) Using track lighting in place of recessed lighting can save up a lot of money as recessed lighting may need cutting holes through the ceiling, wiring to be done at certain places and sometimes there are many other hidden costs involved which can ultimately lead to a lot of extra expense. Track lighting, on the other hand, is available in different styles, shapes, materials, etc. and gives the place a nice feel and ambiance.
8.) Cutting out the kitchen instead of fully removing the wall can be a better option when it comes to remodeling a kitchen under a strict budget. Many times, it so happens that removing an entire wall leads to extra costs such as ventilation, electrical wiring, piping, and cost of rerouting and repairing can become exorbitant. Therefore, it is better to have a wall cut-out as it serves the purpose and also looks savvier.
9.) Using alternative materials for counter tops like concrete, stone, tiles, solid surfaces, etc. instead of granite can make you a bit more unconventional and help you save more money. You can also use two different type of counter top surface like blend the island with granite while bordering the edges with a butcher block or recyclable products which will make it more chic and trendy. Laminates can also be another option for counter tops.
10.) Use your old cabinets if they are in good shape instead of going for brand new ones. As we previously mentioned that cabinets can be very costly, instead if you polish the cabinets or resurface them, or add a few coats of paints to complement the other parts of the kitchen, it can greatly affect your budget in a positive way.
Remodeling your kitchen can be a long-awaited mission of yours. So, we give you more ideas to build your dream kitchen in the most cost-efficient ways.


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