Modular Vs Carpenter Made Kitchen in Ahmedabad

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The central part of any household has been the kitchen until the 20th century as the kitchens were made by the carpenter as per the designs decided. It was indeed a tedious affair and a much cluttered one till the work was finished. However, the advent of the modular kitchens changed the whole outlook of the kitchen and made it both a feature for the home décor purposes as well as a utility space. The kitchen in the present era has become a multidimensional feature and works as a cooking area, the centralized area of a house, a space to dine with near and dear ones and even a unique area for the social interactions.

Let us know how a brief outlook on what a modular kitchen is, how different is it from the carpenter made kitchen, its pros, and cons, work duration, guarantee, finishing and look, quality and design.

What is a modular kitchen?

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The term modular kitchen stems from the concept of modules. So basically, the modules comprise of small units which when collated together form a complete kitchen. This is a contemporary model that consists of drawers, shelves and cabinets so organized that can save space. The concept of kitchens has evolved with time and is by and large becoming the place for socializing. The modular kitchens are a fairly a new thing in India as compared to other countries but growing in a steadfast manner.
The modular kitchen manufacturers in Ahmedabad have changed the traditional concepts of kitchens and made it more like an essential possession since it provides ample space, meticulous display as well as easy assembling and installation. The designs can be customized as per the customer and as per one’s budget as well making it a smooth way to design kitchens which is much more than a cooking space in the present times.

How is it different from a Carpenter made kitchen?

The modular kitchen has a better finishing and is meticulous due to the usage of the latest technology and machinery whereas the carpenter made kitchen depends entirely on the skills of the carpenter.
The support system by the modular kitchen is sturdy as vertical planks are used whereas the carpenter makes use of a single plank only.

The modular kitchen parts can be assembled and disassembled whereas the carpenter made parts are fixed.
The cleaning is not an issue with modular kitchens as skirting can be removed but the carpenter made kitchen may or may not have the options.

Even though the modular kitchens are slightly costly than the carpenter made yet the quality is far better than the carpenter and is even covered under guarantee.
The carpenter made kitchen increases the work and makes it a messy affair whereas the modular kitchen gets all the parts ready from the factory as per the measurement and only assembling and installation takes place at the place.

The Indian market is flooded with varieties of modular kitchens which are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Considering the Indian style of cooking, granite is regarded as the best material for countertops whereas aluminum, marble, lacquered wood or even steel is preferred for cabinets and drawers.


  • The modular kitchens add style and grace to one’s home
  • They come in different textures, finishes, and materials.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • They are clutter-free and much more organized to work.
  • They are easy to be assembled and once can change the style when one wishes to.
  • They are made in the factory and are under guarantee.
  • They have a better finish and precision as done in factories in accordance with the technology advancements.
  • The quality is far better than the regular kitchens.
  • The latest designs are used for setting up modular kitchens.
  • The work is done without cluttering and usually takes 7-10 days if all aspects related to the design, material, accessory, finish, and measurements are taken care of.


  • Replacing or refurbishing the modular kitchens is a costly affair.
  • The installation can become much more costly if too much of customization is done.
  • They require regular cleaning due to the Indian style of cooking.

Since, modular kitchens have evolved as the new – found style statement for the contemporary homes, many families are ruling out the carpenter made kitchens and resorting to modular finishes for the functionality, creativity, and exceptional finish along with the alluring look that they offer.

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