6 Best Ways To Make The Tiny Kitchen Your Dream Kitchen

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A kitchen is something which makes a house into a home!! The kitchen plays a major role in every house plan. In this era of tiny houses having small kitchen space is the biggest issue to deal with. So I am here with some 6 magic ways to make your tiny kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

  • Design Style:
    Just because you have a tiny kitchen that doesn’t mean you can’t style it. Now there is a ton of ideas to slay your tiny space. There are numerous ideas in the market on small modular kitchen design ideas. Try it keep it MINIMAL. Minimalism is the prime key to deal with small spaces.
  • Declutter : Clutter is something that even makes large space look small. This makes our tiny castle even tiny. Keep an eye on every single thing in your kitchen. Make sure you buy the right appliances for the grocery. If something in your kitchen doesn’t serve any purpose let it go !! Move it to another area of your house or give it away.
  • Walls are your friend: In a tiny kitchen, you have limited floor space but more wall space. Utilize every corner of your wall. Here few innovative ideas to use your wall,
    • Install vertical cabinets, pull-out cabinets.
    • Adding hooks under the cabinet to hook cups, towel, etc.
    • Having a magnet board for the knife.
  • Over & cover : Usually in a tiny kitchen countertop space is limited, try to figure an extra counter space from the existing room !! yes, you do have, look for it. create your first extra countertop above your dishwasher. A foldable wooden block attached to the wall will be another great idea. Invest on some burner cover and over the sink board. This is more specific,since the burner and sink going to occupy most space of our tinny kitchen. Sometimes,we need more top space which is hard to create. To overcome this, use a burner cover to close the stove and utilize it on the countertop. If you use a burner use sink space over the sink board.
  • Clean! Clean! Clean! :Small kitchens have to be cleaned regularly. Due to limited space, even dirt in one place can make the whole kitchen feel dirty. Clean immediately after cooking. Add extensions on cabinet space for your trash bin, so that it will be tucked neatly under the counter where it isn’t noticeable and should be closed.
  • Dine in :The dining area inside the tiny kitchen and home is impossible. Buy a foldable dining table. You can use this table as a kitchen island too. A tiny kitchen is space limited that doesn’t mean you have to compromise, it means to create new things that meet our needs!!!

Conclusion :
Finally, Be grateful for your tiny cooking castle!! Handling a tiny kitchen eventually makes you a more organized and productive person. First, Concentrate on setting up your small modular kitchen space which will suit your needs than maintain it. Always looking for a will be most innovative !!!



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