How modular kitchens differ from carpenter-made Kitchens?

modular kitchen

The kitchen became more like a feeling these days. More than just cooking, everybody wants to have a beautiful-looking kitchen.When it comes to kitchen designing, there two unique options available in our market. A traditional carpenter made one and Factor made Modular kitchens. If you are someone in a dilemma over these two, here are 5 vital differences between both. This will guide you to choose effectively.

Carpenter made:
Carpenter-made kitchen is built from scratch by local carpenters.They follow the traditional way of design and execution. For instance, if you are someone looking for home renovation in Ahmadabad, you can find a carpenter locally who can help you with your kitchen designs.

 A modular kitchen is built from modules of cabinets made of diversified materials. They are mostly made with the help of machines. If you can’t find a local modular kitchen designing store, you can even order a modular kitchen online.

Planning & Designing:

  • Since they follow old techniques, it can be hard to get them to design that are currently in trend. Design option is limited depends on the carpenter’s designing skill.
  • They can’t provide you look like a 3D design of your kitchen, which is available from new-age designers.
  • This one is the traditional and most relatable method of building a kitchen. Carpenters are locally available and easy to approach.


These days many brands of modular kitchen available in the market. To find the correct one who can plan for your needs and deliver quality product need some research.

  • These days many brands of modular kitchen available in the market.To find the correct one who can plan for your needs and deliver quality product need some research.
  • They can provide a perfect design for your kitchen based on the size. Planning is done by professional designers with proper study of users.
  • They can provide you a 3D design of your desired design of kitchen, which helps you in better selection.

Material & Durability:

Carpenter- made:

  • We have the option to choose a good quality wood of our choice. 
  • Choosing a good quality wood and designing it with carpenter-made kitchens are more durable.


  • Most of the modular kitchens use “Engineered Wood “. This is not real wood. It’s just a wood waste glued together.
  • You can get high grades of wood in a modular kitchen, which is not common and highly expensive.


Carpenter- made:

  • These kitchens are not movable or adjustable. Once you fix something in your kitchen, you can’t change or move it from one place to another.
  • You can’t detach your kitchen shelf for cleaning.
  • It’s difficult to remove or change any component.


  • Modular kitchens are easy to move and adjustable. You can carry the whole kitchen setup to another house.
  • It’s easy to detach and clean here.
  • We can replace any component of the modular kitchen at any point in time easily.


Carpenter- made:

  • Carpenter-made kitchens are cost-effective.
  • It’s easier to play around with the budget. The same instance as earlier, if you are someone looking for home renovationin Ahmadabad, a local carpenter is more flexible with pricing.


  • Modular kitchen is comparatively high in cost.
  • You can choose a kitchen depends on your budget.
  • The price goes up according to the quality of kitchen materials.

Maintenance & Warranty:


  • Mostly there is no warranty involved from the carpenter side.
  • These kitchens are easy to maintain and don’t need any extra effort.


  • Most of the modular kitchen brands provide 5 years of warranty.
  • Maintaining glossy finished cabinets always requires extraeffort and care.

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