Island Modular Kitchen Can Be Gorgeous But Is It Suitable For Ahmedabad?

Island Modular Kitchen

“Bon Appetit”, this phrase relates to food and when we talk about food, the first thing that comes to our mind is the kitchen. Be it any culture, the significance of the kitchen cannot be overlooked. Indian kitchen in specific is rich for tasty and zesty food, nutritious bites, instant recipes etc. In order to fulfill all these, the kitchen even needs to be nice and arranged categorically and have nice and beautiful decoration to enhance the ambiance. The kitchen is often referred to as an area which reminiscences of joviality, cordial conversations, and kindliness. Despite all sorts of differences in culture, the kitchen is seen having the same significance worldwide.

In the present era, the open kitchens are becoming a trend in India. As the time is advancing the designs are changing as well, so one can find a magnitude of designs for the kitchen, it could be a galley kitchen, L shaped and U shaped kitchen, island kitchen and kitchenette commonly a feature for the studio apartments. Traditional kitchens are slowly and steadily being replaced by island modular kitchens in Ahmedabad and Surat owing to their systematic storage, display, and the alluring designs.

Let us now have a look at what exactly is an Island Modular Kitchen, its benefits, and features as given below:


What is an Island Modular Kitchen?

The Island, in the island kitchens, refers to the center of attraction or an unconnected piece of the cupboard that is positioned in the kitchen in order to extend the space on the countertop. Many a time one side of the island is made the working area while the other for dining reasons. It is also an economical and alluring way to increase the space. An island kitchen also offers the benefit to add additional sinks, dishwashers or ovens to the kitchen.

Island Modular Kitchens Island Modular Kitchens

Benefits of Island Kitchen for Ahmedabad

Apart from providing good storage, display, and beauty, there are many other benefits of an Island Kitchen and they are:

  • It provides additional storage and is brighter and properly ventilated.
  • It is a perfect space for the kids as there is a great space and helps the parents to keep an eye on kids.
  • Due to ample amount of space, more seating space can be offered.
  • The kitchen can be made more functional and of use by placing the extra kitchen amenities at the island.
  • The counter space can be well used for utility reasons and even for showing off the kitchen essentials.


Kitchen features that should have for Island modular kitchen based in Ahmedabad.


  • Space – Island modular kitchens offer a lot of space to make it more stylish.
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble – These kitchens are very easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble as the entire shifted can be easily shifted whenever one wishes to. One can even get it modified for new space options as well.
  • Low-cost maintenance and easy cleaning – These kitchens have a very low cost of maintenance and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The surface is fairly non- porous so becomes easy to clean and even the laminates can be replaced due to the low costs.
  • Convenience –  Since kitchens are one of the major areas in a home, the design of the kitchen speaks volumes of the taste of the consumer. It is convenient to have an island kitchen if one has large space to make it increase efficiency.
  • Fitting the cabinets – The cabinets are perfectly line up with the measurements and are easy to install and takes not more than a day to fit them.


A kitchen which should not have Island modular kitchen

Even though the island modular kitchens are the most trendy and efficient with style and grace, yet not feasible options for the types of the kitchen below:

  • Island modular kitchens are big. No for any space less than 100 square feet as it obstructs the walking space and the work as well.
  • It is not a possibility for the kitchens made in apartments as it cannot be made as per Vastu and many people in India go as per Vaastu Shastra.
  • In case an island kitchen is made in an apartment kitchen, the hob and the sink cannot be altered to the island counter as the original design cannot be changed.

Thus, island modular kitchens are a viable solution to decluttering and having a systematic yet stylish and accommodative, with easy maintenance options and beautiful designs, thus enhancing the whole set up.

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