Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing your Modular Kitchens

small kitchen design

Nowadays, modular kitchens are the most sought-after items everywhere. These are considered to be practical, manageable, stylish, and more technical than the other kitchens.
But before you get carried away with the amazing designs that it offers, you need to focus on these technical aspects to run a hassle-free kitchen in your dream home.

Here are some of the things that need to be gone through before choosing your small modular kitchen designs or even big ones;

  • Space available: The modular kitchen depends a lot on the space available in your kitchen area. If your kitchen is small, a parallel or straight kitchen would be perfect, else space will look cramped. And for large spaces, L-shaped, U-shaped, and Island kitchens are the best options.
  • Material Type and Quality: This also plays a crucial role in selecting your modular kitchens. Ensure that the material is waterproof. Normally, pre-laminated MDF, pre-laminated particle board, or boiling waterproof with lamination are the best ones.
  • Countertop: Most of the homes do have a built-in countertop. However, if you are looking to customize the kitchen countertop, Solid surface top, Granite-premium quality, and Boiling waterproof plywood with lamination are the best options. Out of these for the Indian kitchens, premium quality granite is the best one as it resists heat, scratches, and stains and protects from mold and mildew.
  • Go for Good reflector colors : It is always better not to use dark colors like black and brown as they are not good reflectors of light. You can also use a combination of two colors to maintain the overall charm in your kitchen. Use quality lightings on both ceilings and the walls and do install electric chimneys of advanced range over the cooking top for better ventilation.
  • Safety: This is the most important thing to be considered while it comes to your kitchen. From safe gas pipings to curved countertops edges, safety is of utmost importance. Even the flooring needs to be slip-resistant. It is always recommended to point it out to your modular kitchen manufacturer that there should be some space between the basin and the stove as a safety precaution.
  • Kitchen Height: Better care must be paid to the heights of cabinets and the depths of countertops. This must be taken into consideration to avoid future back pains and sprains. Ask your modular kitchen designer if it can be designed as per your height.
  • Ventilations:
  • Normally large windows are the best-recommended options for your kitchens as they provided much better ventilation and keeps your kitchen smoke-free. In case there is a design or space challenge, then you can go for the usage of adequate chimneys and exhausts that can also be an effective alternative to the large windows.

Wrapping Up:

These are just a few tips that need to be taken into consideration while going for your modular kitchen designs. Always do a lot of research and thought while doing your kitchen as it is a lifetime investment for you and even makes your cooking experience much customizable and functional.

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