Top Design Ideas for your Modern Indian Kitchen Needs adding up Style to it

U Shape Modular Kitchens

With the Indians spending more time in the kitchen than any other person in the whole world, it takes a lot of planning to create the perfect looking kitchens. While the sounds and aromas of a busy kitchen signal a fast-approaching meal, its oily residues can be a killer to your mood, with spills and stains giving rise to significant wear and tear over the time.
Here are some of the tips from the design experts that are sure to save your day in the
kitchen and make cooking more fun to you with less labor:

  • Industrial design for Extra Storage

If you are a fan of industrial design style then this smart utensil hanger fitted into the kitchen roof will be the best option with its practicality and space-saving features. This can
be used to hang copper pans, pots, and spoons that ensure to save much of your kitchen’s
space and would also give a trendy old-world vibe.

  • Trendy backlit cabinet for glassware

There isn’t a better way to store the glassware in a backlit cabinet for the glassware. It even doesn’t hurt to get a few appreciative comments for your creativity.

  • Functional Cabinet Stores

This is one of the smartest ways to store all the kitchen essentials like spices, jams, sauces,
juices or cereals, etc. which can be arranged next to each other in an organized way. Its doors are fitted with neatly designed racks that fit perfectly into the cupboard once the doors are closed.

  • Modern Spherical Tap fixtures

Bring in the latest gadgets and fixtures like the stylish kitchen faucet into your small modular kitchen design that adds a stylish boost to your kitchen area.

  • Space Saving Containers and Baskets

In an Indian kitchen designed for limited storage space, it is always good to have space-
saving containers and baskets that can accommodate more vessels and containers than the normal ones. Three small pull out baskets are much better than having two standard ones that allow fitting in more number of smaller containers.

  • Kitchen Island

A kitchen island adds up your preparation zone, where you can use this place for prepping,
chopping, marinating, and more. Being a standalone unit, with no walls nearby it even reduces the risk of wall-stains and greases. Topping your kitchen islands with quality material like granite, marble, and quarts can even add years to its life.

  • Spice Organizations

A kitchen especially an Indian kitchen wouldn’t be a kitchen if it had no masala or the so-
called spices. So waste no time and organize a special counter that is even space-saving and keep your spices collected under it, avoiding you to run around the kitchen in search of them while preparing your favorite dishes and curries.


The perfect kitchen is not only beautiful but makes working in it more desirable, fun, and memorable as well. Having sufficient space is also a vital point to consider as it keeps the space neat and tidy, as well keep pests away. To create a modern kitchen design you can simply do it by adding elements of contemporary décor complimenting the pre-existing and
restored finishes.

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