Tips for Designing your U-shaped Kitchen with Everything at your Fingertips

U Shape Kitchens

U-shaped kitchens are probably the most practical of kitchen layouts that provide an additional run of potential storage or appliance space when compared to the remaining kitchen layouts. These U-shaped modular kitchen designs are ideal for the kitchens with good space and when more than one person is cooking.Here we list down some of the tips and ideas that will guide you through the design of the
U-shaped kitchens:

  • Pendant Lightings: In a U-shaped space, pendant lightings are a great option especially if one side of the kitchen cabinet opens to a planned space. The idea of glass pendant lights is suitable as it creates the design impact required without affecting the light and open feel of the kitchen.
  • Open-Shelves: Having kitchen cabinets both above and below the counter level can result in the room feeling crowded and therefore smaller. This can be compensated by opting for a combination of kitchen cabinets and open shelving units that will make your kitchen space feel larger and more open.
  • Choosing the best kitchen tiles: Choosing the best kitchen tiles is a vital part of the design aspect and can create a major impact on the final feel of the kitchen space. In case if your kitchen is a small U-shaped one working with light-colored tiles is a well-known trick that can make feel the kitchen more spacious and lighter.
  • Dark Interiors: If you have a large and naturally light space in your kitchen, embrace it by the dark and atmospheric interiors trend. Despite its dark and inky floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets, abundant natural light avoids it from getting small and boxy.
  • White U-shaped kitchens: You can also keep your kitchen bright with a white U-shaped kitchen design, which makes it look classic and will benefit from later colors or an open-plan space where you want your kitchen to be out of focus. Adding color and personality with plants, shelving, and decorations will also create a better impression on your Indian kitchen design.
  • Built-in Appliances: While choosing the appliances for your U-shaped kitchen, opting for built-in appliances is a great way in order to achieve a sleek and contemporary finish to your dream kitchen.
  • Worktop area: This should be kept relatively free of any kitchenware as it can be conveniently used for preparing food and also serves as a temporary serving area when you opt for self-service during mealtimes.
  • Ventilation: It is very important to keep in mind the ventilation factor while the cooking range should be occupying the middle leg of U shape. For this, even you can keep a chimney ventilator over the cooking range for better ventilation making your kitchen smoke-free and thereby comfortable to work with. Also, a window on the base leg of the U shape will be very helpful in making cooking easier.
  • Wrapping Up:

So having listed some of the key tips to consider while designing your U-shaped kitchen, we hope it might be easier now for you. It is sure that with a U-shaped kitchen design, things will be easier to plan out and more delightful to cook.

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